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The expression day job is often used for a job one works in to make ends meet while performing low-paying (or non-paying) work in their preferred vocation. Archetypical examples of this are the woman who works as a waitress (her day job) while she tries to become an actress, and the professional athlete who works as a laborer in the off season because he is currently only able to make the roster of a semi-professional team.

While many people do hold a full-time occupation, "day job" specifically refers to those who hold the position solely to pay living expenses so they can pursue, through low paying entry work, the job they really want (which may also be during the day).

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What’s patent infringement

Businesses often believe that simply having a patent is enough to offer complete protection against patent infringement. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. Very often, even with large corporations like Apple and Samsung, patents are threatened and infringed upon. So the question is always:¬†whats patent infringement? Patent infringement occurs when another company infringes on your patents.

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Damages in Defamation Cases

In defamation cases, the plaintiffs alleges that they suffered harm from the libelous or slanderous actions of another party. They are trying to quantify this harm, in the form of damages. These damages are divided into two types: special damages, and damages not capable of being calculated exactly. Special Damages Special damages are damages that

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